Very often people contact me and say that they're interested in buying a home but don't know how to get started.  The first step that I recommend that people should take is to get preapproved for your financing (unless you plan to buy your home with cash).  Why?  First of all, you'll find out exactly what price range is right for you, allowing you to house hunt with confidence.  Secondly, when we find the right house, sellers usually want to see a prequalification letter before they will consider your offer. 

Why not take care of this upfront, so that you are ready when you find your dream home - and won't risk losing it while you have to wait to get preapproved?  The process is simple.  You can usually get an answer in only a few hours - AND - there is NO COST to get preapproved. 

If you are serious about finding a home, take care of getting preapproved right now.  Just click here and you can apply online - and then get on to the fun part - finding your new home!