Recently we spent a weekend in a city we loved in our youth.  We thought it was paradise and always wanted to move back there one day.

Boy were we shocked when we got there.  Paradise no more!  The city has become way overgrown.  Nothing but traffic jams everywhere.  It took forever to go even a few miles.  And for the privilege of living there, you get to pay astronomical prices for the homes.  We saw a 2300 square foot home built in the 1970s - and not one thing in the home had been changed since then -it still had the felt wallpaper in the master bath! - and the price was $525,000!

When we landed back in El Paso, it really hit us that sometimes you don't appreciate what's right in front of you enough.  When we got out of the airport, the sun was shining, the sky was blue.  There was no traffic driving home.  Our home is much nicer that the one that we saw for $525,000. 

We love the majestic mountains running through the middle of town.  Our crime rate is the lowest of all the major cities in the US!  Our restaurant and entertainment scene continues to grow and become more diverse.  The people here are super friendly.

In summary, El Paso provides a great lifestyle.  While much of the country is experiencing record cold weather, we have temperatures in the upper 70s in February!  It's easy to get around.  There's lots to do.  Quality of life is great!

Glad to be home!!!